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Our massage experience directly in your Villa (Massage is the most natural method and its aim is individual well-ness. It works on all the body’s muscles and it kicks anxiety and stress out of the mind. To do this only a few things are necessary: professional figures, a massage bed to lie down on, some towels to cover up and to make you feel comfortable, 100% natural oil to help the massage, fragrant essential oils to stimulate the sense of smell. Last but not least, our hands, which accompany you on a unique journey. Relaxing Massage Total Body, Muscular Massage, Beauty Massage)

Experiences Massages
guided tours Tuscany Chateau La Siroque

Guided Tours

Guided tours (natural reserves, museums, copper mine of Montecatini, organic farm).

Wine tasting at the most important Tuscan Wineries

Wineries Tours and In-House Wine tasting event Wine tasting at the most important Tuscan Wineries.

wine tasting Chateau La Siroque Tuscany
Trekking Itinerary Tuscany Chateau La Siroque

Trekking Itinerary

Tuscan Trekking Itineray Daily and Half Day.

Air Ballon Experience

Air ballon process. The standard daily or half day experience and full day experience, based on 7 participants, includes pick up and delivery at the villa, admission tickets, permits, meals, tastings, and refreshments, with menus curate d by our chefs.

Air Ballon Experience Tuscany

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